Freedom For Nick
"It’s my interpretation of the law that I don’t have discretion, that I must sentence the 20 years; and I’ll go on record that based on this Defendant’s background, that it is a very harsh sentence. I think it’s harsh, but I took an oath to uphold and obey the law myself, and my interpretation of the law is that I must do that.” - Judge Frank Porter
Time Nick was in prison
2408 days

Nick Lucanegro


About Nick

This site was created by the friends and family of Nick Lucanegro, a now 62 year old man who is, sadly, sitting on a 20 year jail sentence at Wakulla Correctional Institution in Crawfordville, Florida, suffering from multiple medical issues, limited mobility and the hopelessness that comes with having to serve a very long sentence which is not valid.  Nick's release date is in October, 2030. The only way he can get out any earlier is if the Governor of Florida and the Clemency Board grant him a commutation of sentence through the clemency process.

It is towards this effort that we are asking you to donate. Nick's clemency petition will have to be put together by a clemency attorney, a project for which the attorney charges a fee that neither Nick nor his family can completely afford. Nick's funds have been almost entirely eaten up by attorneys' fees for the original trial, the first appeal, and the 3.850 appeal (all of which were unsuccessful).

Knowing our friend Nick is in prison is shocking to us.  We just cannot believe the progression of events that led to his incarceration.  First, we can't believe that this could happen to a guy like Nick.  Second, we can't believe that there are hundreds of others like him, victims of Florida's 10-20-Life law, which (by anyone's account) was enacted with serious criminals in mind, but which has been applied to people who are anything but that.

Nick was raised in Iselin, a safe, small town in NJ where everyone knew one another and the commitment to family and community was the norm. Becoming morally sound adults was a result of being raised in this community where your neighbors and friends became your lifelong extended family.

He was like any other middle class kid. He was an average student, on the wrestling team, played a bass guitar in a local rock band. His parents taught him that truth and justice was the American way and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Nick lived his life according to these principles.

As an example, in April 1985, Nick saw a man covering his face and entering a local convenience store. Nick followed the man into the store and stopped an attempted armed robbery. Later that year, Nick was awarded the Woodbridge Policemen’s Benevolent Association’s Civilian Award for distinguished service to the community for stopping a crime by taking extraordinary action without police assistance. This is the kind of man Nick was then, and this is the kind of man he was in 2007, when the unfortunate events of one night brought him face to face with Florida's criminal justice system.

How He Got Here